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Tuo Viso

Tua Viso lifts, tones, sculpts, reduces wrinkles and prevents sagging by targeting the less-used muscle fibres of the face. Your unique facial contours and planes will gradually re-appear just like when you were years younger. 

This is a device that is run on a 9 volt battery for ease of use.It has sensitivity setting from 1-10 and a timer button you can press which will automatically stop at the end of it, Usually at first for 2-3 minutes per exercise. It has 2 small water reservoir's that you have to fill before you start. The contacts are covered by round green thin sponges which look abit like the snacks "skips". Its so easy to use and you can feel the muscles in your face being stimulated. You can set the pulses to as low or strong as you want, but trust me it will get uncomfortable if you go to high. It will feel like your facial muscles are doing the splits I've tried it. Watch a video on Tina Richards showing how to use it here 

Its used around the world by professionals, its recently be aired on GMTV and on the Paul O'Grady show and there are workshops run so that you can see for yourself how it works and the best ways to get effective results. Tina Richards is the lady that is promoting the Tuo Viso and you can view it on her site here  Tuo Viso The Tuo is retailing at around £175.15.   and you can easily by spares for it when necessary. 
Your Tuo Viso also comes with a nice little pouch so you can discreetly take it with you where ever you go and have a few minutes to yourself to give your face a quick workout. 
Tip  ; I highly recommend this product its well worth it, easy to use and gives results without pain or expensive fees. 

Negative - I try to use mine twice a day but sometimes it's not possible, but to get effective results fast you need to be using it at first at least twice a day. I look at my face now as work in progress.
I also recommend you get someone to take a photo of you before you start to using it so you can compare the before and after because although you will definitely see the difference a photo speaks volumes. .  There are alot of before and after photo's on their website for you to have a look at with testimonials to boot. 
Positive - Its the best product I have ever used its simple and convienent to use no cables to worry about just a 9 volt battery which must last for at least 6 months andit comes with a free supply of replacement caps. 
Since I have been using the Tuo viso and working out regularly I've been taking protein power twice a day and I believe this has had an impact also on my facial muscles.  You need to apply the same rules to your face as you would the rest of your body when it comes to a work out. Muscles need protein for repair and strength and if you are exercising them daily and trying to build them up then you really need to look after them better.
I also recommend you try doTERRA's skin care products which have 100% certified pure essential oils in them.



My rating for this product  3D Star3D Star3D Star3D Star3D Star


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