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 The Tony Little Gazelle Elite Review

I first saw this machine on one of the shopping channels about 4 years ago now and it was on sale at just over £100 Tony himself was actually selling the product and that's what sold it for me.  Tony along with some fitness models showed off everything you could do with this machine and more. I was so impressed and ordered one that same day.  It arrived within 7 days and weighed a ton and I decided I wanted it upstairs and that was no easy task believe me.  I had to do it a part at a time.  It was so solidly made there was no chance anything was just going to snap on me. It took me well over half an hour to put together only because sometimes I didn't seem to know my right side from left when the parts were labelled up correctly.

Once it was put together I stuck in one of Tony's DVD's that came with it and we went through all the exercises together, 30 minutes doesn't seem long enough but really that's all it takes.  I wanted to really tone up in such a short space of time so once I was use to doing the exercises I turned the TV on and exercised to my favourite program for an hour or even two some days.

Tony Little - Gazelle Elite

I found that the pounds just melted away and muscle tone started to appear where there was none before.  I'm in my mid 50's and I am use to exercise but you can just go at your own pace and monitor how many calories you've burned, and how long you have been exercising for,  what distance you have travelled and even check whether you in your fat burning zone by using the heart monitor program.  All you do is grip the handles after you have changed the monitor from calories to heart and you can see how much more effort you need to be putting into your exercise.  So if you love your soap's then shuv this exerciser in front of the tv and you just wont notice where the time has gone and before you know it you would of burnt the fat off and dropped several clothes sizes just like me.

I got my Gazelle Elite fixed after breaking one of the cables which made it out of action for about a month and oh boy did I miss being able to use it, I felt like I was missing an arm or something.  I use it for an hour every day and would recommend it to anyone serious about getting into shape it doesn't matter how old you or how far you can walk.  Just step onto the foot paddles and hold onto the handles which go back and forth in time with your legs and you will love it and get off feeling great.  Just go at you own pace knowing your safe in your own home and know one is watching you, it's just your little secret to better health. It really burns the fat off like nothing I have ever tried, and if you struggle with what you eat then you really need to burn those excess calories off.  You will start to burn off at least a stone a month just by building up your time.  Take it at your own pace and you will be delighted with the results and I would love to hear from you when you do.

When you get use to the Gazelle Elite you can start to use the pistons in different positions to build muscle tone, because the more muscle you build the more fat is burned off.  Tony Little has lot's of exercising machines on offer with lot's of workout DVD's to get you motivated.  He's personally gone through some bad accidents and had to build himself back up again, he's a truelly inspirational guy you'll love him.

You really need to put your exerciser in a semi permanent position because it is so heavy you wont be able to just fold it up and store it under your bed it would probably give you a Hernia trying.  But you can fold it together and lean it against a wall, which is a lot easier.  It is heavy and cumbersome and if your not very strong you will have to leave it up, so find a permanent position.  Just remember if it wasn't so heavy it wouldn't do if you were very heavy and when you got on it, it tipped up. So it's not really a fair negative but needs a mention.

If your like me and you break one of the cables because you folded it away wrong, then you can easily get them replaced but you will find that the only place you can  get the replacement part is in the U.S.A.  They only cost about $30 for a pair but, plus about $50 in shipping costs so take care of it and your Gazelle will last a long time. I did find all the parts to be replaceable by the manufacturer should you need them, it's just expensive to get them shipped over.


My rating this product  3D Star3D Star3D Star3D Star3D Star





Tony Little Gazelle Elite Review

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