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The Nutribullet Experience is by far the best Product I ever purchased

The Nutribullet is probably one the best and cheapest fruit and vegetable extractor machines I have ever experienced and I had bought one of their first models the Magic bullet machine, which I still use for blending.  After seeing the Nutribullet on the television I thought it was no different than its predecessor but I was pleasantly wrong.  When you first get it out of the box you realise that it is a lot wider and taller so that the cups and 24oz beaker look nearly double in size whereby fitting more in.

The Nutribullet is a breeze to set up just rinse out all the 2 plastic cups that come with it and the 24oz beaker complete with handles and lip ring and covers and fill up with 50% veg and 50% fruit then add some seeds and nuts for added protein top up to the mark with water, add your blade tip upside down twist it onto the Nutribullet till it starts and leave it on until you see everything's combined usually within a minute or so because it has a new 600 watt motor it is very fast.  You definitely need to add water because it whips up so thick you would not be able to drink it otherwise you would have to eat it with a spoon, this is also why it is so filling you could take it as a meal replacement.

Negative - Noisy but at least it doesn't vibrate across the worktop and it is only for a minute

Negative - You do need to chop up and core apples and pears and de-stone fruits like avocado's and plumes before putting them into the Nutribullet as certain seeds are apparently dangerous when ground down and digested. Pineapples, bananas, oranges pealed but that kind of thing doesn't really take long you have to do that with most juicers any way. 

Negative - Plums do tend to leave tiny bits of skin, which you can watch melt away as it stands but their not a problem.  The only fruits I found to be a problem in the Nutribullet were frozen forest fruits I purchased from Asda ie; red and black currents, blueberry's etc., no matter how long I left the machine running for it didn't break down the seeds.  I even tried the grinding blade to no avail, in the end I passed the juice through a sieve then mixed it with the rest of my blended fruits and it was fine.  It did put me off slightly I hate trying to drink the juice with seeds getting stuck in my mouth I don't think I will use them again plus I found them very soar.

Positive -I've tested it out with cabbage, spinach, Kale, celery, cucumber and beetroot etc., and it completely breaks everything up to a smoothie consistency.  I've tried every type of fruit and veg I could think of in the recipes and they tasted really nice.

Positive - All in all I really enjoyed the drinks it was able to make because once you mixed all your vegetables with your fruits, protein powders and flax seeds it was really thick depending on how much water you used and everything was blended so well with no bits whatsoever.

All the dry seeds I tried seemed to grind up really well too I couldn't tell if they were in my drink at all - I have on occasion grinded them up first with the grinding blade and mixed a few together to make blending quicker as this grinder blade is very thorough and mixes to a fine powder.

Positive - You get 1 free recipe book with the Nutribullet and one a pocket sized fruit and veg information booklet on juicing and the other recipe book is a soft paper back which has everything in it about making great recipes and lots of recipes for meal replacements for people wishing to lose weight or improve their health very well put together and worth reading.  I presume this book is the same as the one you can purchase separate as a hard back it's excellent quality.

Positive - It doesn't take up hardly any space and looks good on your work top so you will definitely enjoy using it.  I've used mine twice a day so far.  I just love experimenting with it I have never eaten so much fruit and veg in my life since I purchased the Nutribullet because it is so easy and I don't have to waste all my time making sure it's spotless because there is only a plastic jug and blade to rinse through , so clean up is a breeze.

I think the Nutribullet is a great invention because nobody likes the clean up of juicers and their all so expensive and waste a lot of your fruit and veg because we don't want bits.  Well with the Nutribullet if you follow the recipes you wont get bits you will just get a really delicious tasting drink that you wont mind using every day because theirs no mess. 

I have a Jack La Lannes Juicer which is great but so time consuming when it comes to cleaning it.  I hate using it for that very reason which is a shame because it makes great juice and if it wasn't for Jack La Lanne's enthusiasm in health and fitness I may never have got started in the first place.  Unfortunately Jack passed away at the age of 99 years old, but he always practiced what he preached. Nutribullet vs magic bullet

After using the Nutribullet for one week I am convinced it is the one thing in my kitchen that I would use every day.  Preparing my juices every day is enjoyable.  I have added a variety of seeds and nuts and maca powder to my weekly shop now  along with a variety of fruit and vegetables instead of wasting my money on biscuits and sweet fillers.  I can highly recommend everyone to try a Nutribullet you will begin to wonder how you ever managed without one.

If you have used blenders before to make smoothies then you will appreciate how different the Nutribullet is when it comes to pulverising your fruit and veg but then when using most blenders you would take the skin off everything before you started thus leaving a lot of the nutrients behind!

I even use the grinding blade that comes with it to turn my seeds and nuts into a powder.  This way I can add them to my drinks and cooking without knowing they are there.

Health Benefits Note: After using my Nutribullet for over 4 weeks now I have already lost 8lbs without even trying.

I had some blood tests done prior to buying the Nutribullet which said my cholesterol was raised and my Iron levels were low so next time I go I hope to see some improvements and will post them on here.

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