5 star rating

George Foreman Oven Review

George Foreman Oven

Positive Reasons for:

  • Do you need help to lose weight?
  • Do you wish there was a way to get rid of all that grease in your roasts?
  • do you hate cleaning the oven?
  • Do you hate guessing what temperature to set it at?
  • Have you just moved in and the cookers not connected yet?
  • Are you a Student away from home
  • Live on you own?
  • Haven't got a Cooker?

Benefits of owning a George Foreman Oven

  • Easy Clean up
  • Non Stick interior for easy wipe cleaning
  • Inner tray can be used for liquid dishes ie pasta, curries, chilli or meat portions even puddings
  • removable inner tray for large Roasts
  • fat drip tray slides out for easy clean
  • Chrome and Black exterior
  • handle with flip top lid
  • digital timer
  • One heat setting so know need for a controller
  • Inside slopes to drain juices easily into drip tray below
  • No cooking smells
  • No more spitting food all over the cooker
  • No more rails to clean
  • No more burnt pasta pans to clean!
  • Hardly takes up any space on your work top
  • You could even use it for Barbeques


Negatives for a George Foreman Oven

  • Exterior can get hot caution required around children
  • You should seriously consider buying 2 because other members of your family will want to use it to prepare a meal for themselves at the same time as you guaranteed, it will save on waiting and any arguments.
  • Maybe they should make one even bigger which will take the Christmas turkey

George Foreman Steak 
Cooking fried steak until tender for 2 hours is simply delicious
After 2 hours the steak falls to pieces off your fork added the water from the steamed vegetables and thickened to make the gravy.

George Foreman Chicken
This chicken took approximately 80 minutes for chicken to be falling off the bone

3 pieces of chicken take roughly an 90 minutes to cook - (Only use frozen chicken if it states it's ok on the bag) - For speed use defrosted chicken 25 minutes per portion - turn them over half way through - slice them through to check thoroughly cooked and juices run clear.  

George Foreman PastaYou can make a quick low calorie pasta dish by just using 95 grams Pasta - Hot Water to cover - 1 Satchet of Chicken & Sweetcorn cup a soup - stir together - close lid - set timer for 12 minutes

Ready to Serve 1 or 2 persons depending if you serve it with some chicken. You can pour your favourite pasta sauce over the dry pasta and cook for 12 minutes or less if you like your pasta firmer. I cook mine with a cup a soup to help lower the calories and make a quick snack. As you can see the inner tray will take much more pasta and serve more family members. 

After using this George Foreman Oven for 4 Months now using it to cook a variety of foods I felt it deserves 5 stars from me. I found it quick to heat up and cooks the food throughout making it moist and tender.




George Foreman 14283 Compact Oven and Roaster - Black / Chrome 

  2 years on and my Oven was worn out its lost its Tefal off the inner plate and it no longer heated up as well so I'm afraid it went for recycling but it served its perpose well but went down in my ratings.

3 star rating