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 Flexaway System

This is a very strange gadget you put into your mouth and it fits between your teeth with a rubber band in between, the bands come in different strengths. They are available for men and women. How to use; All you do is put it in your mouth and make faces in the mirror as though you were  making noises like "who - me" as wide as you can. Not as easy as it may sound but practice makes perfect. Theres quite a few testimonials on their website and a video showing you the best techniques just click here Flexawaysystem

Negative - 
 You may find it a bit difficult if you have alot of missing dentures as the device sits on your top and bottom set.

Positive - The lady will even answer your emails if you want to ask a question. The Flexaway system  retails at around $49  for a regkit  You will also get one cheaper if you buy one for a partner or friend at the same time that's what I did, I bought one of these devices and I have hardly used it because I didn't realise at the time I would need a full bottom set
of dentures to hold it in. I did try it out several times and ended up with blisters at each corner of my mouth, which took some time to heal up.  Anyway I still think the idea behind it is good and when I get a full bottom set I will have another go because you really need to use it
as regularly as you brush your teeth. Unfortunately this is another reason our faces sag as we get older because we have lost teeth our jawline changes shape as our gums inside shrink willing to try all alternatives before I resort to going under the Surgeon's knife.

I would just like to add that I am not in anyway associated with the company I am talking about today, this blog is just about my personal experiences to help you make an informed choice.



My rating for this product  3D Star3D Star3D Star


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Flexaway Review

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