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Fat Families Fat Busters
20 Fat Busting Tips That Helped Me Lose Weight and Keep it Off!

Recipe for weightlossBefore you start any fat loss program do yourself and your family a favour and get yourself checked out by a Doctor first.  Your excess weight may already be a cause for concern to you but, only a Doctor will be able to detect whether you have an under lying heart condition, high blood pressure or maybe even diabetes.  Once you have had the all clear decide on what piece of equipment you are going to use to help burn off the excess pounds.  I can highly recommend elliptical machine or a Tony Little Gazelle Elite Machine.  I don't recommend you buy one of the cheaper models of weight loss machines because they are ok for people of a lighter frame only.  Check them to see if any weight restrictions apply, Christmas and holiday season are great times to buy as there are so many special offers on so check out the ones that are now half price and grab yourself a bargain.



 Gazelle freestyle elite

01. Tread mills or elliptical machines are great to help you get into your fat burning zone - elliptical's are great because your arms and legs get exercised at the same time and some have pistons so you can also be building muscle.
02. Start with 1
5-30 minutes daily exercise 

03. Reduce Calories intake

04. Use a smaller dinner plate (it worked for me)

05. Exercise before a meal (eating makes you sluggish after a meal and you may feel too tired to exercise after)

06. Make at least 3 of your days exercise building muscle because muscle burns off fat and in the long run and can help you lose that
weight far quicker.

07. Don't be tempted to buy abs machines if you are very over weight because you will never see your abs until your BMI is nearly down to
single figures.

08. Your goal is to lose weight for ever.  Fancy weight loss plans are great for short term weight loss, but in the real world you have to start  with the food your most likely to buy because you enjoy them. 
09. No more second helpings of food (A moment on the lips a lifetime on the hips!!)

Diet Plate

10.  You don't have to give up everything you love to eat only if you find you can't moderate your intake of them.

11. Steam/Grill or Bake your food.  Steamed vegetables taste far better than boiled and fill you up more and can help reduce cholesterol. Plus you can prepare a full dinner in about 30 minutes or less in a steamer.

12. Try and prepare meals well before hand it stops you nibbling when your hungry.

13. If you drop to much weight without exercising you can end up with some very unsightly loose skin.
                           Diet plate 2
14. Don't rely on your scales to measure weight loss accurately as in the first couple of weeks your weight will be all over the show. Use a tape measure and keep a diary of your all over measurements, Calorie intake, length of exercise each day then at the end of the week weigh yourself first thing in the morning in your smalls so you get a more accurate weight each time.

15. Sometimes it may look as though you have put on weight but if you have stuck to the plan of exercise and less calories, then you should start to find your losing weight, some water but you will also be switching fat for muscle which weighs more.

16. Eat more fruit and fibre to fill you up of a morning and as a small snack to stop you binging.

17. First signs of feeling hungry drink plenty of water, thirst can sometimes be interpreted as being hungry
18. Position your exerciser in a prominent position in your living room where you can see the TV if need be or watch an exercise video.  Don't sit in the chair all evening when you could be exercising while watching your favourite soap for an hour. If you start putting it away after use you will find you stop using it because you will soon tire of setting it up.
19. Use weights to help tone up your arms and stomach muscles buy which ever suits you (I made my own at first out of lucazade bottles filled with sand) I now use a flexi bar, kettle bells and a slendertone belt because I have not got down to 130lbs

20. You don't have to go out buying expensive diet food to lose weight just ordinary wholesome foods prepared by you ie: Vegetables, Fish, Eggs, Milk, yoghurts, Chicken, Steak etc not pre packed frozen dinners and definitely not from the Chip Shop or Chinese take away down the road, and under no circumstances have half a loaf with your dinner or tea as there can be upto 100 calories or more per slice and that's without the butter you spread onto it, and don't keep a biscuit tin because you will just end up eating them all.

21.  I highly recommend you get yourself a Nutribullet get all your nutrients in a drink, thats not only filling it tastes great and does you good also.  You can put just about anything into a Nutribullet and it will make a thick creamy consistancy which you can dilute to taste.  I have 2 a day now and love experimenting with fruit and veg and different nuts.  It is far cheaper and better in the long run if your thinking of buying meal replacements such as slim shakes to help you lose weight!

Gazelle Elite for Fat Busting all over                      F;exi bar helps tone up muscles deep down               Ketlle Bells for muscle building

All the above equipment plus my treadmill is what I use on a weekly and daily basis to keep the fat off and build up on my muscles. As you start to lose weight you will find you can exercise for longer and you will begin to enjoy it. My fat busting workouts had to be done religiously every day as a way of life. The shape you want has to be life changing not a quick fix or else you will just pile it all back on. See it as a life changing moment like giving up smoking it's going to help improve your health ten fold. Your confidence will be overflowing as the new you starts to shine through. When the weather is nice start going out for long walks with the dog or maybe take up swimming or some kind of sport it all helps to burn off the calories.

Once the weight starts to drop off your biggest expense will be replacing the clothes in your wardrobe but, don't go mad until you reach your final goal because even those might not fit you a month or two down the road.  Give all your old clothes to the charity shop but just keep one item to remind yourself and family of all your hard work.  It's the best feeling ever going out and buying clothes straight off the rail and seeing your reflection in the mirror for the first time.

Good luck and years of good health

by Angela Ashton - November 2010

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Fat Families Fat Busters Tips

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