The NecklinerThe latest craze to hit America which sold over 1.5 million and now being advertised around the world is now being televised here in the United Kingdom and it is called the Neckline an invension by Paul Younane to help us ladies keep our face and neck toned. 
If your starting to get a double chin then perhaps you could do with the help of this little devise. 
I have purchased one of these myself and have been using it twice daily now since 11th January 2014 - I didn't mess about changing the springs I waded straight in with the strongest one and I can honestly say now I believe it does work.  I don't recommend anyone else to try doing it this way it's just that my face and neck are use to a workout using my Tua Viso by Tina Richardson.  I have taken before photos but I wasn't expecting anything to happen to be honest especially when so called professionals were saying it was impossible. Neckline Trainer  
I use resistant training for the rest of my body so I couldnt understand why it wouldnt work for my Tuo Visoface and neck muscles!  People have been using this device for sometime now and I believe that those that stuck at it are the ones now reaping the results.  I also think if you have had a double chin for many years now its not going to vanish in just a couple of sessions or even a couple of weeks but you will notice those muscles when they are being worked.  I thought the very same about the Tua Viso and I have been using that for years now and will continue to as I can see the results and as my body isn't getting any younger I need all the help I can get! 
With the Neckline trainer I believe you need to give it a good 6 months before you can officially comment as with any training program you wouldn't expect abs in 2 weeks would you!!  The one thing they are right about though is if you have neck problems then I would take medical advise because you may agrevate the problem.  Once I have been using mine for a further 5 months I will come back and post my results but at the moment I do believe it is working.  In the meantime checkout Paul Younane's website and other people's reviews but becareful if you do decide to buy one, please don't go for one of the cheap immitations.
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My rating for this product  5 stars

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