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How Can Dark Healthy Chocolate Benefit You? 

Pure Dark Chocolate

If you want to buy chocolate that is good for you it must have these following factors: 

a)  It has to be alkalized
b)  It has been dried and cool pressed rather than roasted
c)  It contains at least 70 percent pure cocoa solids
d)  It contains Cocoa butter not milk fats or hydrogenated oils
e)  Contains low glycemic sweeteners ie raw cane sugar instead of refined 

1 - Heart -Flavanoids in chocolate have been shown to prevent a number of serious health threats to our hearts. Flavanoids are so powerful because of their antioxidant abilities. Antioxidant's help neutralize dangerous oxygen molecules found in the body. These are called free radicals and our bodies defense mechanism uses antioxidant's to prevent these molecules from causing tissue damage which ultimately leads to heart problems or cancer. 

A Dutch study examined the eating habits of 805 men ages 65 to 84 and found that those that ate the most flavanoid rich foods were half as likely to have heart disease and a third less likely to die from heart disease as those who ate the least. 

2 - Cholesterol - LDL Cholesterol is bad and it's due again to free radicals in our bodies which damage our cholesterol. This is called oxidation and this it what causes cholesterol to stick to the walls of our arteries.  We need to eat more fruit and vegetables high in antioxidant's such as beta carotene and vitamins C and E.  These are great at protecting our body but unfortunately changing lifestyles and money problems prevent alot of people from eating these foods naturally and also depleting mineral levels in soil. Due to over farming, these days our vegetables are stipped of alot of there valuable antioxidant's.  The French and Dutch are supposed to eat more of these than people in the U.K. and are therefore less prone to heart disease. 

Chocolate also contains fibre which when eaten helps stop your platelets sticking to the artery walls. 

3 - Anti-Ageing Effect  - Antioxidant's in chocolate help protect against free radicals which bring about oxidation which is like leaving an apple after its been peeled to the elements just to watch it go brown.  antioxidant's protect against oxidation thus slowing down the ageing process. 

4 - Inflammation/Pain - Chocolate has been found to reduce inflammation help with the prevention of migraines when taken regularly. 

5 - Blood Pressure - The researchers report in the Journal of the American Medical Association that dark chocolate intake reduced average blood pressure without changes in body weight, blood plasma levels of fats or sugars. Hypertension prevalence declined from 86 percent to 68 percent. Blood pressure was unchanged in the white chocolate group. 

6 - Weight loss - Helps control the hunger pangs when taken 20 minutes before a meal to aid weight loss.  One bite and you experience the feel good factor without feeling guilty. 


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