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Hi there, If like me, who's now in her 50's! You haven't been too happy with what's been starring back at you in the mirror, and you have decided you want to change the way you look. Then your not alone million's of people every day have decided to undertake some kind of Cosmetic Surgery to knock back the year's and why not. Were all living a lot longer than generation's before us and most of us are a lot fitter on the inside so why not make the most of our look's on the outside.

I was the same and a couple of years ago I decided that I'd had enough and decided to do something about it, as I was so fed up with my appearance It was getting me down. My cheeks had dropped and I had jowls starting to appear, wrinkles, bags and a turkey neck all very unflattering. I was always conscious of them where ever I went and would never want anyone to take my photograph.  So I went searching on Google for things that would help, I came across all sorts of things from the believably easy and cheap, to the really expensive and risky to say the least!

I would seriously consider some of these treatments for myself, unfortunately this would cost lot's of money and the need for a loan to cover it.  That's when you have to decide how important it is to you! 1)  will it really make you happy  2) Who are you really doing it for?  3) Can you really afford it?

Here's a few different types of facelift's you could consider that I came across,

Cosmetic Surgery
Negative - This involves cutting and lifting of skin of the facial muscles, stretching and stitching up around the ears and into the forehead and you would of course have to have it done under anesthetic.

Negative - Very painful afterwards, you look as though you'd gone several rounds and lost with Mike Tyson. Then later you would have to have your stitches out oh joy!

There are plenty of video's online that show what can happen when Cosmetic Surgery turns bad and here is a video showing how even celebrities can get it wrong also and unfortunately have to live with the consequences


I haven't put this video on to ridicule these people just to show you that even people with lot's of money can make bad decision's when it comes to Cosmetic Surgery you can't get quality work done on the cheap and word of mouth recommendations speak volumes always check them out thoroughly.

There is one Celebrity that I think looks  good after Cosmetic Surgery and that is Sharon Osbourne I hope she stops now though and grows old without botox!

 Sharon Osbourne


Positive - If you were lucky after 6 months and several thousands (10,000) of your £/$'s you would look and feel 10 years younger. I don't recommend this procedure but, if you do I would recommend you go to one of the Professionals and here's a link that I believe would set you on a safe path the Harley medical Group 

Laser Treatment
This didn't sound to bad but still expensive. Doctors resurface and tighten your skin, using a laser.

Positive -You don't need anesthetic to have this treatment done. It gets rid of fine lines and wrinkles. It can sometimes leave a bit of discolouration on the skin and be a bit painful in places  LaserRenew  I have heard of the odd one getting a skin infection!  This all apparently clears up after a couple of weeks. 

I've listed below all the different types of Cosmetic treatments that are available for both Men and Women:

     Procedures for women:

  Procedures for men:     


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