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I signed up for the1 month trial of Meaningful Beauty products and finished them all within 2 weeks. - The face mask was no good to me as it was for oily skin.  I didn't find any real problems with actually using the products I do feel as though the main products they  were giving away as free samples ie Serum and Décolleté neck cream were by far there best products in the range.

I  began first by using the facial cleanser and a micro fibre face cloth which left my face nice and soft and clean.  Next apply the Serum this makes your skin feel tight at tingly at first which makes your skin feel lifted and helps tighten those large pores. Then I applied the eye cream which does a good job of hydrating the lose skin below the eyes. It has a strong smell which if applied to close to the eye would make them water.  The Daytime moisturizer went on next it's in liquid form in a pump applicator and my skin just drank it in making it feel lovely and silky smooth,  not so struck on the smell though a bit like fish oil, but it does the job. .I wouldn't recommend using the face mask cream it dried my face out to much I don't think you should use it on a mature complexion. I do like using the Décolleté neck cream it is very lite and does a good job of hydrating my skin it feels good enough to go all over the face but unfortunately  the sample pot wouldn't stretch that far.  At night time I would use The night moisturizer cream No. 2 which is also in liquid form and in a pump applicator, Its a lot heavier than the Day cream to soak into your wrinkles overnight. This link will show you all the ingredients in each product listed just click here: Ingredients

Noticable effects:

As expected I still looked the same in the morning but at least my skin felt soft. I have noticed an improvement around my nose which is was always red does actually look as though the texture has improved and my neck looks alot smoother. I enjoy using these products at the moment as with anything new you have to give it time ("Rome wasn't built in a day") I'm just not sure whether I'm kidding myself here or do I get the same results when I use Olay or other moisturizers. I will try it for another month to see if there is any more improvement in my skin if not I will stop the autoship.

I think what you wash your face with prior to using any moisturizer makes a big difference to your skin and that could be the case here using the cleanser instead of soap and water makes a big difference to the texture of your skin, plus that and drinking plenty of water.

Negative - I am still not happy about some of the ingredients in the face wash which after doing some research online find out that these ingredients are used in products also used by mechanics and garages to clean engines and greese off the floors (but this is my own personal opinion  I find it hard to believe that Cindy Crawford uses these products on her face I would prefer to use something abit more closer to nature.

Meaningful Beauty Products

Meaningful Beauty

If you want to try it for yourself it comes with a 60 day money back guarantee even if you have used all the products.  These products cost £29.99 for a months trial supply plus postage.  Then after a month they send you a 90 day supply and Debit your Credit card for £75 which is inclusive of postage which I wasn't quite expecting so please make sure you read everything can send it all back for a refund minus the postage of course.

After trying my 90 supply for another week I decided to cancel any further orders these products didn't have the wow factor for me I've given the face mask to my son to try and wont bother sending anything back as it's just to much hassle.  So I will will browse the internet for something else that has been designed for mature skin with natural ingredients, and as ever keep you posted.


 My rating for this product  3D Star3D Star3D Star



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