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If you have landed on this site it is because you need help to lose weight and you have probably seen exercise programs like Insanity or Slim in 6 on your TV recently and have decided to take the plunge, well done for making this life changing decision. 

Obviously, working out in the comfort of your own home really appeals to you so let's get you started.  Take another look at the programs on offer and when you decide which program you are interested in just click on the link and you will be taken to a secure amazon page to make your purchase.  They all come with a return policy if you find it's not for you just contact them it's that easy.

Just take that leap of faith and go for it, what have you got to lose? It will be the best present you have ever given yourself or your family.  There is nothing like the feeling of being able to go out and buy cloths straight off the peg or not feeling embarrassed to take your shirt off on the beech or maybe fit into that beautiful wedding dress you've seen.  The list is endless but, most of all your health should be your top priority for doing this and the rest will come as a bonus trust me!

The only thing stopping you, is you! 

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Ernestine Shepherd is an inspiration to me and should be an inspiration to everyone in the world that thinks they are to old to get into shape.  Ernestine and her late sister Velvet decided to get in shape at the age of 56 because they didn't like themselves in bathing suites!  After her sister died she fell of the wagon so to speak because of her grief but her sister came to her in a dream and told her she had to keep going and inspire other and so she the story goes with her at the age of 71 deciding she also wanted to be a body builder when she was asked to give out prices to other body builders.  Her moto today is Determined, Disciplined & Dedicated and she always tells people that age is just a number and so continues to inspire anyone wishing to get in better shape.



Exercise is the key to losing weight, you may find it hard to change your eating habits at first, I did.  That's where exercise comes in to help turbo boost your body to burn the fat and with the right eating plan of course, the weight will drop off.  I also use my Slim & Sassy in my water to give my metabolism a kick start because you really need to keep hydrated when you work out, even doTERRA's Peppermint oil has been found to oxygenate the blood so you can keep going longer and feel refreshed and cool.

It has to become a way of life for you not just something that will give you a quick weight loss you know you will only put it back on and more beside.  I'm not a fitness trainer, I'm just someone that has struggled with my weight in the past.  I've never been happy with how my cloths fit and it just made me miserable all through school and into young adult my life I am just a middle age women with a disability due to Polio that has decided to make the best of what she has and make it stronger and enjoy life. 

In my main collection I have an elliptical machine in my living room now and a Tread mill in my kitchen and in the last 12 months I purchased an Aero Pilate machine which I have set up in my bedroom.  Marjolein Brugman was and still is an inspiration to me and that is why I have embedded her Youtube exercise video for you as she goes through her exercises on the Aero Pilate machine. 

Being out of shape or having some form of disability doesn't mean the end to life as you knew it, it just means you have to learn to adapt and build on your inner strength (look at the Paraolympians, did they give up hell no).  I had a vision of what I wanted from my body and with that determination I set the wheels in motion.  I workout daily either doing cardio or working on muscle toning, I love using my flexi-bar to help strengthen my arms and core muscles.  Having everything handy means that I wont just sit there just watching TV when I could be exercising, the time goes faster and before you know it you've burnt 100's of calories while watching your favourite soap!  what ever helps encourage you to keep going do it. 

My tip is get yourself checked out first by your GP then start off at your own pace.  If 5 minutes is all you can stand then so be it.  Listen to what your body is telling you when you've had enough, but do try to push through it by 5 minutes or more each time. You will get better in time as long as you keep at it, your body will start to recover and get stronger (muscle knows no age limit).

I find that less is more these days I do 15 minutes on my elliptical machine and 15 minutes on my Tread Mill (You don't have to run for it to work) or 30 minutes or more on my Aero Pilate machine as it's very addictive.  I also bought some stretching bands to use before and after exercise it makes your muscles more flexed and ready for action so you don't end up pulling a muscle.

To tone up my muscles I use a 4Kg  kettle bell, a Flexi-bar, An Abs lounger, Abs Revolutioniser (Ab Revolutionizer is actually it's correct name being from the UK I mispelt it by mistake)- I like them all for toning and building muscles  I just  interchange them depending on how much time I have and I only tone my muscles 3 days a week and I always have Sunday off from exercise. I have had the Ab Revolutionizer now for over 5 years and now. I use it with just 4 Kg weights on the flip down pole at the back, right hand side, which you can buy any where and use one of the clips that comes with them to hold them in place. 
Ab Revolutionizer - Ab Revolutioniser I dare say heavier weights would have a greater effect, but I don't want to give myself a hernia just yet! 

You need a yoga mat under it because it can be pretty dam painful on your spine otherwise.  I didn't get the head rest with mine but when one is needed I just used a rolled up towel.  there's nothing to the kit really its just the science behind it, in that it puts your pelvis in the correct position and engages your abs to have the maximum effect.  I would definitely say it works but wash board abs wasn't what I was after when I bought it just a stronger core.  If I continued to get my fat loss down and use this machine I would definitely see a ripple effect using heavier weights, but I am 53 now and will keep using this machine along with the others I have bought over the year.  Non of this equipment will give you the desired look if it's cover in fat as my mentor Tom Venuto has always taught me, "muscle burn fat". So burn the fat and feed the muscle.  

6 second absI have even used the 6 second Abs machine all that did for me I'm afraid was give me blisters pushing it up and down on my legs, I eventually gave it away. 
The 6 second Abs machine can be purchased with stronger resistance bands to help build your abs - some people may have enjoyed using it but it wasn't for me.

If like me you will find that exercising can be very addictive once you get into it, so set yourself reasonable targets and don't use the scales as your guide to weight loss because you wont get an accurate reading because in the beginning you will be losing water, gaining muscle and losing fat.  Your clothes are you best guide but make sure you use a tape measure all over your body and keep a little notebook to check your results each week.  If your going to measure your weight always do it on the same day and before food and drink and in your smalls to get a more accurate weight.

Food Tip!  I think we all know which food is our downfall and if you can either stop eating it altogether or reduce it!  already we are on the road to weight loss!  Bread was mine - did you know that one slice of bread can have upto 150 calories if it's brown and thick sliced and you may find your having several slices with a meal.  An average meal should only be 500 calories on it's own so the bread is like having another meal on top.    Author:  Angela Ashton - age 55


 National Cancer Institute Fact sheets: Physical Activity & Cancer Prevention 

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